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Commercial Law & Business Law

Commercial Law & Business Law

HBL Business Lawyers Port Macquarie is a specialist commercial law and business law firm with a combined 40 years of legal experience.  Whether you are a large commercial enterprise or just starting out in business, we offer sound legal advice and assistance to you based on over 30 years of successful business law practice in Port Macquarie.

For our commercial law and business law clients with larger enterprises, we collaborate with you, providing ongoing legal counsel for your day-to-day business and commercial operations, and effective, practical commercial law and business law services as you expand your business in emerging growth markets.

HBL clients benefit from our valuable, more complete legal perspective. At HBL Business Lawyers Port Macquarie, our expertise allows us to identify and therefore prevent potential problems as you grow your business and commercial enterprise.

HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie Understand your Commercial Law and Business Law Needs

Because at HBL business Lawyers Port Macquarie understand that the issue is often not strictly legal and that successful outcomes require a wide range of skill sets, we work in consultation with your other professional advisors to achieve favourable outcomes.  This is especially vital when your business is starting up or when practicing in an economy that is experiencing negative growth or when looking to capitalise on favourable market conditions to make your business more successful.

HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie is committed to serving your commercial and business law needs long term. Our long term relationships with clients are incredibly important for the provision of high quality and effective legal, negotiation and business law advice.

Sound Legal Advice And Effective Commercial & Business Law Services

HBL Business Lawyers Port Macquarie provide sound advice and effective commercial & business law services to corporations, trading trusts, partnerships, professionals and small businesses in:

  • Sale and purchase of business assets and share acquisitions
  • Corporate compliance and governance especially with respect to the Corporations Act and the Trade Practices Act
  • Business expansions, acquisitions and sales
  • Insolvent trading, Receiverships, Administrations and Liquidations
  • Employee relations including drafting and negotiating employment contracts, advising on benefits, contract audit services, and negotiating and resolving employment disputes
  • Preparing and negotiating contracts
  • Resolving disputes with vendors and customers, handling warranty issues, and international trade
  • Tax advice especially GST, Capital Gains Tax and Duties
  • Advising on franchising agreements
  • Resolving shareholder / partnership disputes and facilitating buyouts
  • Succession planning
  • Business start-ups
  • Intellectual Property especially Patents, Trade Marks, Business Names and Copyright


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