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Intellectual Property

intellectual property Lawyer Port Macquarie

HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie understands the necessity of securing your intellectual property in our 21st century environment.

Intellectual property is fast becoming an area of vital concern to your businesses success where protecting your intellectual property rights is a vital part of sustaining and growing your business enterprise.  HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie are at the forefront in intellectual property cases, can help you understand the options available to you and are arguably your best resource to protect this most vital yet seemingly intangible asset.

At HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie, we understand that your confidential information and innovations are highly valuable intellectual property assets

At HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie, we understand that your confidential information and innovations such as designs, trademarks, patents and trade secrets are highly valuable intellectual property assets. Our team is thoroughly equipped to protect your intellectual property with precisely drafted documentation such as confidentiality agreements, employment agreements and licensing arrangements that will create legal protection and certainty for your intellectual property assets.

Let HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie assist you with advice on protecting intellectual property and reducing the risk of copyright infringement.

We also provide legal representation in the event of a breach of intellectual property rights. Our lawyers are well versed in and ready to advise on:

Copyright protection – HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie understands that when it comes to copyright, it is both business and personal. As a creative, your finished, copyrightable product is a representation of your skills, talents and other intangibles that make you, you. Works that are protectable by copyright must be an original expression works in a fixed and tangible medium. These mediums are generally defined as literary works, musical works, dramatic works, choreographic works/ pantomimes, pictorial, graphic or sculptural works, motion pictures or audiovisual works, sound recording and architectural works. Additionally compilations and derivative works may be copyrighted. If you are working in an industry where your intellectual property requires copyright protection, let HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie assist you with your legal needs.

Patents – If you are seeking or seeking to uphold a standard patent or an innovation patent, you need the services of HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie. The patent office assumes no responsibility in the safeguard of your patent. If you require assistance in securing, maintaining and enforcing a patent, HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie has the knowledge and the initiative to do what it takes to uphold your intellectual property at to patents.

Designs – At HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie, we recognize that a registered design is a legally enforceable right and can mean the difference to your business success. There are key criteria to establishing your design as new and distinctive. In order to help protect the unique visual appearance of your design, contact HBL Lawyer Port Macquarie, today.

Trademarks – HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie works diligently in the area of trademarks, understanding that your trademark is a part of your business reputation and is representative of your innovations and hard work. HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie will assist you in protecting your trademark, knowing it represents a source of revenue and future licensing opportunities integral to your business plan. Should you require assistance with registering a trademark or with an already registered trademark, HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie is ready to meet your business and intellectual property needs.

Business names –  HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie recognizes that your unique business name is your intellectual property and for many in business, your business name is inherent to your earning potential as it communicates the essence of your product, reputation and brand. Should your business be in dispute over your business name, it can cause unwanted setbacks in your business venture. HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie helps you take all necessary legal precautions to safeguard your business name.

Licensing and assignments –  HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie is prepared to assist your business with the intricacies of licensing and assignments as your business and commercial needs grow. We are equipped to take you through every step of the licensing and assignment process and will do our best to legally safeguard your agreements to your benefit and satisfaction.

Litigation arising from infringement of intellectual property rights – If your business needs to go into litigation due to an intellectual property dispute, HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie will ensure that you are going into litigation with the best possible preparation by the best possible legal team. HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie practices ethical, practical and methodical preparation of documentation, witnesses and records to give your business litigation the best possible outcome.

Confidential information – In business, your confidential information is confidential for good reason. As part of your business strategy, your confidential information is intellectual property and as such it is an asset that can be used by you to advance your business in the marketplace. Unfortunately, your confidential information can also be an asset to your competitors. Let HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie assist you with all possible legal means to protect your confidential and Intellectual Property information.