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Litigation and Court cases

In litigation and court cases, your best defense is always a good offense. HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie understands that litigation and court cases can prove highly disruptive to the flow of your business, not to mention its effect on your personal life. But should you need to mount a legal battle, our employ expert litigation team is fully equipped to successfully take you through the litigation process.

HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie will employ all conflict resolution means available to you prior to the litigation stage.

Once we understand the particulars of your dispute, we will apprise you of, and with your authorisation seek out and employ, all conflict resolution means available to you prior to the litigation stage. We find that our lawyers negotiating skills and expert knowledge of business law and alternative dispute resolution strategies will often help to achieve client goals in a more time efficient and cost efficient manner. While we believe that for you, our client, the best court case is the one you did not have to experience, if bringing your case before the courts becomes unavoidable, whether prosecuting or defending, HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie works expertly to maximise your outcome and minimise the impact to yourself and to your business.

In litigation, our clients benefit from the HBL Lawyers standards and practices: employing several dispute resolution strategies to achieve client goals efficiently.

Our HBL legal team has conducted litigation in all New South Wales Courts (Supreme Court, District Court, Land and Environment Court, and Local Court) Federal Courts and Tribunals (Federal Court of Australia, Australian Human Rights Commission, Family Court of Australia) as well as specialist tribunals such as the ADT and CTTT.

There are several areas where your business may be exposed to litigation. HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie has successfully served our clients in litigation and dispute resolution strategies in areas including:

Company trusts and partnership related disputes

Intellectual property disputes

Contract disputes

Debt recovery, statutory demands & insolvent trading

Joint venture and partnership disputes

Building and construction disputes

Injunctive relief

Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution strategies

If you are in need of a quality Litigation Lawyer, HBL Lawyers Port Macquarie is ready to be of service.